Search for organic producers

Find MOSA Certified farms, processors, and products. This search engine allows you to find our clients by certificate number, name, county, state, or by the products they produce. 

You can also search for "inactive" MOSA clients by choosing inactive in the Status field. Inactive clients are no longer certified with MOSA.

For a national list of all certified organic operations, visit the USDA Organic Integrity Database.


A search for “blueberries” will list MOSA clients certifying blueberries. A search for “blue” will list clients that grow blueberries, blue corn, or blue potatoes. A search for “vegetables” will generate a large list. A specific term like “arugula”, a much smaller number. Add “WI” to the state field, and you will only see farms that grow arugula in Wisconsin. You can also search by using the client’s name or certificate number. Organic certificates are available by clicking on the “View Certification” button under each result.