USDA Organic INTEGRITY Database

Welcome to the new way to find certified organic operations and products - through the USDA Organic INTEGRITY Database!

The National Organic Program Organic Integrity Database (NOP-OID) is a powerful tool that compiles all USDA Organic certified operations, not just those from MOSA. In the NOP-OID you can find a specific certified organic farm or business, search for an operation with specific characteristics, such as their certification agency or certified product, and by their Client ID or Certificate Number. You can also search for generic products (like blueberries), or exact product names.

Listings come from USDA and Trade Partner-Accredited Certifying Agents, including MOSA. Only certified operations can sell, label or represent products as organic, unless exempt or excluded from certification. It is also possible to search for operations that have had their certification revoked, suspended, or surrendered.

To find MOSA certified operations, click the link below and then select MOSA from the Certifier drop down list. If you know the name of the operation, or if you know the Client Number, you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for. You can also download organic certificates! Please contact MOSA if you have any questions.

USDA National Organic Program Organic Integrity Database