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Joe Pedretti

MOSA Client Services Director

What is the “Annual Update”?

What is the “Annual Update” OR How do I re-apply for continued organic certification?

Frequently Asked Questions Series

Q. Do I need to re-apply for organic certification each year?

A. Yes! Even though your organic certification does not expire, you must reapply each year for certification.

Q. Wait—do I need to fill out that big application again, each year?!

A. No! For currently-certified clients, MOSA offers a short application form called the Annual Update. It has many sections filled in already and mainly focuses on any changes to your organic operation and on your organic product sales during the previous year.

Q. When is the renewal application due?

A. Submit your completed Annual Update form, certification fee (full or first quarter if paying quarterly), and any necessary supplemental application forms by April 1. Submitting your forms and fee after April 1 will delay the recertification process for your operation and result in late fees.

Q. What sort of changes do I include in my Annual Update form?

A. The Annual Update form has specific questions for you to answer about changes that affect your organic certification. For a producer (farmer), these include areas such as new agricultural products, new scopes (i.e. livestock, greenhouse, etc.), new land, or new inputs. For a handler or processor, the form asks about new products, labels, facilities, production lines, and inputs. The sooner MOSA knows about important changes to your organic operation the sooner we can work together to include these in your organic certification.

Q. What other forms do I complete for my renewal application?

A. For a farmer, please complete the Crop Summary/Current Year Field Plan and, if you’ll plant seeds or planting stock this year, the Seed Table. Other forms may be needed if you have changes to your operation, such as field maps, a Prior Land Use Declaration, or a new Organic System Plan. For a handler-processor, please complete the specific forms needed for any changes to your operation: Input Inventory, Product Profile, Organic Ingredients chart, etc.

Q. What is the fee to re-apply for certification?

A. For renewal certification, the fee due with your application is based on your organic sales the previous year. First complete the Sales Information section of your Annual Update to total your organic sales from the previous year. Then use the Fee Schedule that applies to your operation (Producers or Handlers) and plug in your sales figure into the chart on page one to determine your certification fee for the current year. Follow the instructions on pages 2-5 and, of course, contact MOSA with any questions.

Q. Does the application fee cover all my costs for the year?

A. The application fee includes a deposit toward your annual organic inspection ($350 for producers, $450 for handlers). If the actual cost of the inspection is greater than the deposit (which is likely, in most cases), MOSA will bill you after we receive the inspector’s invoice. Other costs may apply to your operation and are detailed on the Fee Schedule, including the late fee, inspection cancellation fee, rush additional inspection, and missed certification deadline fee.

Q. Does MOSA offer any discounts?

A. Yes! The Early Bird Discount is worth $50 if you submit your renewal application forms and full annual fee by February 15, and $25 if you submit your renewal forms and pay your first quarter fee (if paying quarterly) by February 15. The New Client Referral Discount awards a $50 credit to a current client who refers a new client to MOSA, and the New Client Discount awards the applicant a $50 discount if referred by a current MOSA client.

Q. How do I complete and submit the Annual Update form?

A. MOSA offers two ways to complete your Annual Update form (and any applicable supplemental forms) and pay your annual fee: paper or electronically. For paper applications, mail your forms and fee to MOSA (PO Box 821) or hand-deliver to the MOSA office (122 W Jefferson St; secure dropbox available). For electronic submissions, please login to your account (contact us first if you’ve never done this) and follow the instructions to submit your application. New in 2024, you may submit your Annual Update via fax or email; please contact us afterward to assure we received it in an acceptable format.

Q. What if I have questions or need help with my application?

A. Call or email MOSA! We have Client Relations staff available weekdays, 8:30-4:30 (Central), to answer questions or even set up a longer meeting time. Email: Phone: 844-637-2526.