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Joe Pedretti

MOSA Client Services Director

Executive Director's Report

Executive Director's Report

Cori Skolaski

Hello! I hope all is well with you in these beautiful autumn days. As we head into fall, MOSA’s certification staff is in the thick of final reviews. Our work generally reflects the seasons of our clients, and like yours, it’s a 365-day business. For our producer and farmer clients, we generally inspect operations during the growing season, while inspections for processors and handlers may occur at any time during the year as those operations are generally not so calendar-driven. And just a reminder if you haven’t had an inspection yet, your organic certificate does not expire. You can lawfully use it until we issue you a new one.

Since March 2020, MOSA has been a virtual workplace; except for a few administrative staff, the rest of us work from our home offices via computers. Our staff is located in 12 states and two countries beyond the US (Peru and Costa Rica). In early October, we invited everyone back to our HQ in Viroqua for a staff retreat. It was rejuvenating and so nice to be physically in the same space with co-workers. MOSA does its best to create a sense of community, but it’s challenging to do it online. This was a chance for people to come together and have those water cooler conversations that lead to ingenuity and creativity.

I encourage you to read through this newsletter; there are some updates you should know about and some interesting articles. As always, if you have any questions or comments about anything in this newsletter or about MOSA please feel free to contact me at or 844-637-2526. Thank you for reading, and thanks for your continued commitment to organic integrity.