MOSA provides our clients with much more than just certification.

Joe Pedretti

MOSA Client Services Director

Executive Director's Report

I hope you're having a fantastic summer, soaking up all the beauty, long days, and warm weather this season has to offer. As we move through the seasons, the work of MOSA reflects that of our clients. We've received your organic system plans and are planning, scheduling, or completing your annual inspection.

We frequently receive questions about inspection billing. When you send us your annual update and submit your payment, the payment includes the inspection base fee of $300 or $400, depending on your scope(s). After the inspection, your inspector submits the report with the actual cost of the inspection, which is based on their time. If that exceeds the base fee, we will issue you a bill for the difference. A good way to keep your inspection expense down is to be prepared; have all your records, receipts, seed tags, and any other required or requested information organized and available before your inspector arrives.

MOSA is required by the NOP to perform unannounced inspections on 5% of our clients annually. Unless a noncompliance is discovered, you are not billed for this inspection. If you are selected for an unannounced inspection, don’t panic. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we are responding to a complaint (although sometimes we may be - this is one of the tools we use to investigate), and we are not hoping to “catch you.” The inspector will give you a call up to four hours in advance to let you know they are on the way.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about anything in this newsletter or MOSA, please contact me at or 844-637-2526. Thank you for reading, and thanks for your continued commitment to organic integrity.