NEW: NOP Enforcement Dashboard

NEW: NOP Enforcement Dashboard

Effective enforcement of the National Organic Standards hinges on effective communication with thousands of certifiers, farmers, businesses and the entire organic community. We have long provided regular enforcement updates and a quarterly roll-up of numbers related to the enforcement process. Based on your feedback, today we are updating the way we provide the quarterly numbers. Going forward, we’ll focus more on outcomes rather than process and provide graphs that make it easier to see at a glance how the numbers relate to one another. We have also made the new format easy to share.

First Quarter Enforcement Dashboard

Click on the image above to open the Dashboard from our website.

We will continue to post individual enforcement actions to our website. Fraudulent certificates, settlement summaries, administrator decisions, administrative law judge decisions and judicial officer decisions are posted as soon as they can be made public on our Organic Enforcement web page.

We are committed to providing information to the organic community in a way that is useful and supports robust enforcement of the regulations worldwide. Feedback on the new format is welcomed. Send comments to