MOSA’s Statement on Racial Justice and a Path Towards Healing

MOSA’s Statement on Racial Justice and a Path Towards Healing

MOSA believes that organic offers viable solutions to urgent global challenges and that a thriving organic world must have balance: socio-economic justice, ecological sustainability, and the interdependent well-being of individuals, communities, and ecosystems.

We acknowledge that systemic discrimination exists within our farming and food production systems today. Our current systems and power structure continue to marginalize people of color. We must learn from, and work towards solutions that address these injustices.

MOSA is working to identify and dismantle the impact of systemic racism within our own organization, and the organic agriculture industry as a whole. We will use our voice and influence to encourage others to work towards equity and socio-economic justice for all, and we will start with our own deep introspection and commitment to change.

Acknowledging that we are part of the problem is an uncomfortable truth. Discomfort, however, can be a powerful catalyst for change. We welcome this opportunity to evolve and we are prioritizing equality and diversity in our mission, our organizational structure, our policies, and our developmental strategies. We are committed to being a positive force for change, and we will do our part to help build a path towards healing.

In cooperation,

The Staff and Board of Directors of MOSA Certified Organic

Organizations we encourage you to support:

National Black Farmers Association

Black Lives Matter

Soul Fire Farm

Family Agriculture Resource Management Services (FARMS)

Hmong American Partnership

The National Congress of American Indians

NE Farmers of Color Land Trust


Farmworker Justice

Domestic Fair Trade Association

Articles and resources we encourage you to read: