Resources for Organic Farmers in Flooded Areas

Spring flooding in many areas of the Midwest, Central and Southern Plains may require action from certified organic farmers.

Will flooding affect my certification?

Please contact MOSA if you have experienced flooding of your organic fields. Our Inspection Department will follow up on any flood events that happened to our clients, and any contamination they experience. Known contaminants could impact the certifiability of the land (such as a septic plant breach on the land adjoining with runoff on the organic land), but generally flooded land’s organic eligibility will not be affected. Clients will be sent, and should complete the MOSA Field Flood Record form.

If there is evidence of contamination, organic crops may need to be tested for residues. Examples of evidence:

  • Oily residues on soil surface
  • Soil that smells of sewage, pesticides or petroleum
  • Seeds won’t sprout, or die after sprouting
  • Crops and/or weeds are stunted/misshapen
  • Crops appear to be diseased

If your wellhead or water source was affected by flood waters, re-test your well water to make sure that only safe, potable water comes into direct contact with produce or is used for livestock.

For more information, please reference these resources:

Flooding and Organic Certification Webinar

WSDA Flooding and Organic Certification Fact Sheet

FDA Resources for Food Producers in Flooded Areas