USDA NOP Issues Temporary Variance

Certified Organic Ruminant Livestock Producers in Colorado

Counties in Colorado declared as primary or contiguous drought disaster areas by Secretary Perdue in calendar year 2018 as of July 10, 2018.

The temporary variance from §§205.237(c) and 205.240 is
restricted to:

1. Certified organic ruminant livestock producers
located in the following counties in Colorado:
Alamosa, Cheyenne, Gunnison, Kiowa, Lincoln,
Montrose, Rio Grande, Saguache, Kit Carson, and

2. Producers must provide ruminants with at least
20 percent average dry matter intake from
pasture, or no more than an 80 percent average
of the ruminants' dry matter demand from dry
matter fed, during the 2018 grazing season.

3. Ruminants must be grazed on pasture for no less
than 90 days during the 2018 grazing season.