National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances (Crops, Livestock and Handling)

National Organic Program: National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances (Crops, Livestock and Handling)

Summary: PROPOSED RULE (Docket # AMS-NOP-14-0079; NOP-14-05): This proposed rule would amend the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances (National List) provisions of USDA’s organic regulations to implement recommendations submitted to the Secretary of Agriculture by the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB). This rule proposes to change the use restrictions for seventeen substances allowed for organic production or handling on the National List: micronutrients; chlorhexidine; parasiticides; fenbendazole; moxidectin; xylazine; lidocaine; procaine; methionine; excipients; alginic acid; natural flavors; carnauba wax; chlorine; cellulose; colors; and, glycerin.

This rule also proposes to ADD sixteen new substances on the National List to be allowed in organic production or handling: hypochlorous acid; magnesium oxide; squid by-products; activated charcoal (livestock); calcium borogluconate; calcium propionate; injectable vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes; kaolin pectin; mineral oil; propylene glycol; acidified sodium chlorite; zinc sulfate; potassium lactate; and, sodium lactate. In addition, this proposed rule would list the botanical pesticide, rotenone, as a prohibited substance in organic crop production. Finally, this proposed rule would REMOVE ivermectin as an allowed parasiticide for use in organic livestock production. A helpful table of all revisions are included in the PDF. The comment deadline is 60 days after the date of publication in the federal register (MARCH 19 , 2018).