Effective Weed Management in Row Crops

July 18, 2024 | 9:30am - 3:00pm | El Paso, Illinois | Free - Register

Effective Weed Management in Row Crops

An on-farm field day with lessons from organic farming

An in-person workshop by OATS

Managing weeds is a serious issue on many farms. It is helpful for farmers to have many weed control options instead of (or in addition to) herbicides. This on-farm event brings a wide variety of experienced organic farmers and ag professionals together to share what works in non-chemical weed management - including techniques that can be used on both organic and conventional operations. This event will help ag advisors (CCAs, NRCS, SWCD, Extension, Farm Managers, Ag Business, etc.) give their clients a wider perspective of weed management tools, a deeper understanding of organic principles, and an opportunity to network. Attendees will learn through presentations, facilitated discussions, and a farmer-led tour of fields and equipment.